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Is Hypnosis the solution you’ve been seeking?
Hypnotherapy can help those who have tried absolutely everything (or don’t want to have to) to lose weight, quit smoking, change unwanted behaviours, let go of emotional issues that are holding them back and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Let me help you come to a place where you can Love YOUR Reflection and Clear Your Blocks

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If you’re unsure of what Hypnosis can do for you but curious or just wonder what the heck I’m up to these days, give this a listen!

I’m honoured to sit down with my dear friend, colleague and mentor Eric Webster in this video chat.

Hear what some of Monique’s clients are saying about Hypnotherapy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“My experiences with Monique are always powerfully positive. They have helped me find clarity and gain a more intimate knowledge of myself. Monique is very professional but her environment also feels very safe and homey. You know you are in good hands and in a safe place when working with Monique. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with he more in the near future.”

Heather Sorell

“I can’t even begin to describe the level of calmness and relief I have after doing therapy with Monique. My anxiety is totally manageable and just about non existent! I never thought I would feel this good in my entire adult life. Thank you Monique, you’ve given my life back.”

Kristina Mogensen

“My session with Monique and the Akashic Records was incredible. She was able to provide an enormous amount of clarity by connecting with my guides and delivered exactly what I needed to hear in order for me to move forward!! I love Monique’s energy and her kind soul. So grateful to have met her!!!”

Jenn Wood

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