Hypnosis: The Solution You’ve Been Seeking

I help people who have tried absolutely everything (or don’t want to have to!) to lose weight, quit smoking, change unwanted behaviours, let go of emotional issues that are holding them back and…

Live a Happier, More Fulfilled Life.

Change your thoughts…Transform Your Life

Let me help you come to a place where you can

Love YOUR Reflection and Clear Your Blocks


Does any of this ring true for you?

  • all my life I knew there was a block to getting what I really wanted
  • I didn’t know how to clear that block–just that there was one
  • I tried so many things I had given up hope
  • I was ready to let go of pills, potions, patches and allow the power of my own mind to help me

If so, I have the tools to help you!

Get in touch today!
Email hypnosiswithmonique@gmail.com
Call me at 905-809-4629

Get in touch to schedule a consultation:

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3 thoughts on “Hypnosis: The Solution You’ve Been Seeking

  1. I have had a few sessions with Monique and she has truly helped me. I first took her sessions for weight loss and it was not only relaxing while I was there it was also informative. It helped me learn to not only treat my body the way I should, but also helped me love my body; love me! Not leaving out that she helped me loose weight too!!
    I also saw her for one on one sessions and she helped me overcome some things that were holding me back in life. She makes you feel so comfortable that you have no problem opening up to her and letting her in. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. She truly cares about helping people better themselves; become the best them they can be!
    Thanks so much Monique!!


  2. I have been going to hypnosis with Monique and she has changed my life in such a wonderful way! I have much more confidence and energy!
    My life is so much more relaxed and I have happiness and love myself each and every day!
    I would recommend anyone with any sort of insecurity or issue and contact Monique to help you to be a better happier you!
    Tanks Monique!


  3. I have been smoking for 10 years and typically for many of those years it was a pack a day habit. I honestly lost all faith that I would ever be a non smoker. I decided to go to Monique to be hypnotized for smoking. Monique is amazing at what she does, she made me feel so comfortable and I felt like she really understood and validated my feelings. Not only have I not had one cigarette since our session two weeks ago, Monique really helped me understand the reasons behind my smoking and the emotions attached to it.

    I honestly wish I did this years ago and if you are reading this and thinking about quitting….book your appointment with Monique. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    I cannot thank you enough for changing my life and helping me become the person I have wanted to be for so long. I can finally say I am a non smoker!!!!!!!!!!!



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