Ditch the diet – Forever!

Drop a dress size in 4 weeks!


I’m not here to tell you what to eat, how much to eat or when to eat it to lose weight.

If you are anything like me…you’ve heard and done it all

What I am here to share with you is a new way of thinking about food.
Food is simply the fuel we put in our body to run this beautiful machine efficiently. That’s it.

It’s not our best friend, it’s not our comfort, it’s not our enemy.

Life has become all about distraction. The electronic age has left us unable to focus on anyone thing for very long…emails and texts ping for our attention, phones are tied to our hips wherever we go and we are “on” 24/7. Is it any wonder we find it difficult to focus on eating healthy and taking care of ourselves?

Hypnosis allows us to focus easily and effortlessly on making positive permanent changes in our life.

By following the Virtual Gastric Band program, which consists of 4 one hour sessions spaced a week apart, we can see immediate results and change our relationship with food.

So you can continue, trying every new diet out there…expecting a different result this time or you can do something completely different and you can be down a dress size in just four short weeks

What size will you be wearing if you don’t call?


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