Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day…

Do those three words fill you with joy or a sense of sadness?

The answer to that question, really has nothing to do with whether or not you have someone to love you on this one day of the year. I challenge that thought with the idea that we all are on a journey to love ourselves and when we are on that path, as nice as the love of someone else in our lives is, self love is infinitely more fulfilling.

We have been taught to feel like we are loved as long as we have someone to love us. The work is in realizing that we are that someone to ourself. With that knowledge we are never alone. Self love, in and of itself, affirms that we are good enough, exactly as we are.

There are different types of love but the one we seem to struggle with the most is love of self. Somewhere we were taught that putting ourself and our needs first was selfish, when in actuality it is what our soul is crying out for. When we honour ourselves with self care we become who we were meant to be, and then and only then can we give that gift to others.

You have surely heard the analogy to put your mask on first during the safety talk on an airplane, and only then put it on the person beside you. We hear this all the time but how many of us actually do it?

There you are on the plane with your loved one sitting next to you and the emergency light comes on. The next thing you know, oxygen masks are falling from the ceiling, the attendant instructs you to first place the mask on yourself so that in turn you are able to secure your loved ones.  If it was a real emergency (as so often happens in life) and not just a test, there is a reason we are instructed to put our own mask on first. When you do put the mask on yourself, not only are you in a better position to help your loved one but that air tube may be long enough to turn around and help others.

So on this, Valentine’s day, and everyday, ask yourself…what is it I need?  Make a commitment to you to do at least one loving thing for yourself everyday. It may be as simple as some time out. A walk; maybe a bubble bath, buy yourself some chocolates or flowers, or take the time to read that book you’ve been longing to. It doesn’t matter what it is, the answer is inside of you and only you can know it.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance. ~ Oscar Wilde